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Fastdog Fast Feet 200g


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Das FASTDOG Fast Feet für starke Pfoten und Nägel deines Hundes.

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For strong paws and nails

·         High dose of vitamin E and Biotin

·         Enhances paw and nail strength

·         Soft and sleek fur

·         Improves skin function

0.5 to 1 gram per day

Do not exceed recommended  dose


Strong paws and nails are essential for active dogs. FAST feet makes sure your dog has strong feet and skin by supplementing vitamin E and Biotin, both essential factors in formation of keratin. Keratin is an important building block of skin, nails and fur. Biotin cannot be made by the body itself and is produced by gut bacteria or obtained via food. Furthermore biotin is a co-enzyme that is essential in many metabolic processes such as amino acid synthesis, glucose synthesis and lipogenesis. Research has shown that supplementing biotin strengthens skin and nails.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and as such helps reduce oxidative stress induced by exercise. It has been shown that supplementing vitamin E reduced skin disease an aids in skin turnover resulting in stronger skin, stronger nails and soft sleek fur.  

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethaan) is an organic sulfur, that is well taken up by the body. Sulfur is an important mineral for bodily processes. It is an important building block for tendons, musckles and joints. MSM also plays an important role in keratin synthesis. Sulfur maintains tissue elasticity. During muscle contraction MSM together with Magnesium(citrate) are crucial for relaxation and support repair after exercise.

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